Loading / Unloading from Truck

Your goods loaded and unloaded on request from any type of truck with the utmost care and precision. Without risking damage to the load.

Loading / Unloading from Train

In our railway terminal we carry out loading and unloading operations for trains. With the utmost care and skill.

Carico/Scarico from River Barges

We are timely with maximum efficiency for the unloading and loading of goods from river barges.

Raylways Terminal

Both on swap bodies and on containers, or without problems on semi-trailers and conventional wagons

Storage of Goods in Warehouse

Our logistics services also offer the possibility of storing the goods in our warehouses.

Packaging Goods, Lashing and Baggage

Imballiamo secondo alti standard i tuoi carichi secondo tue precise richieste.

Customer service for goods checking

There is always someone from our specialized team ready to answer your requests.

Handling Service

Ideal for any need for handling and assistance for handling.

Our Services

High standards available to your business.

The service offered is characterized by high safety standards: in addition to regular fleet maintenance programs, we use advanced real-time control systems for our vehicles to manage emergencies promptly.

Our vehicles are equipped with a satellite system that make them connected to our 24-hour operating center that can offer professionalism and reliability. We have a fleet of vehicles of Euro 5.6 and LNG that comply with European regulations.

The sectors currently served are steel, industrial, food & beverage, environment and others.

Our services


-MARITIME: by adopting valid partnerships with shipping companies and agencies, we offer the best solutions for both import and export operations, operating with the utmost transparency in order to offer the customer a clear situation on the state of the goods, guaranteeing assistance in customs operations.

-RAILWAYS:  thanks to an integrated logistics service and partnership with the most important Italian and German railway companies, we are able to offer and guarantee a continuous cycle of transport of various types of goods, in Italy and in Europe, offering a wide choice of wagons, including the possibility of shipping exceptional oversize pieces.

-ROAD: we have a large fleet of road tractors with various types of semi-trailers, including exceptional transports, useful to offer a safe transport service on the Italian and European territory, organizing the logistics in common agreement with the customer in order to better meet his needs and offer the best service in economic and temporal terms.

-RIVER: in the first months of 2020 the barge service for river navigation was activated at the port of Valdaro (MN) with constant monitoring of the journey. This service, in addition to taking advantage of the best natural route between Venice and the Po Valley, allows a substantial reduction in air pollution, replacing an important amount of road transport. Through barge it is possible to transport any type of goods (container, chemical, bulk, exceptional, etc …)

Integrated Logistic

Intermodal Transport / Container Service

Useful service to better meet customer needs, facilitating the logistics chain and the transport of the goods, up to the end customer.
We offer services of:
– emptying / filling containers carried out according to need and of any material.
– cleaning
– storage of goods in the warehouse
– customer service for container goods control
– loading / unloading from trucks
– loading / unloading by train
– loading / unloading from river barge

Only at Mantova Valdarno Terminal

Storage and Storage of Materials

In the Mantua Valdaro terminal we follow the disembarkation and embarkation operations, in such a way as to offer a more attentive and scrupulous service towards our customer.

The services offered in the various terminals provide our customers with weight control, quality and status of the goods, with assistance and surveillance during loading / unloading operations on each means of transport, supply of photographic material by drawing up an inventory of everything that is moved.

Accuracy and reporting

Goods Control Service

We offer the possibility at the own terminals of the inventory operations of the goods.

We also offer labeling and quality and quantity control services, assistance and surveillance during loading and unloading operations on each means of transport, also checking the suitability of the means of transport for a safe shipment.